Serious Piglet Issues

I’m a German artist who customizes and transforms toys and collectibles into handmade works of art. Since toy art, sculptures, Funko customs, and other collectibles and creations have been a part of my daily work, I created some different versions of horror themed Piglets. Piglywise, Piglet Voorhees, Piglet Lecter, Piglet Myers and venomized Piglet.

Someone recently told me I would have “serious piglet issues”.

Now let’s have a look at some of my works to find out… 

Custom Piglywise Funko Pops

Custom Piglet Voorhees Funko Pops

Custom Piglet Lecter Funko Pop

Custom Piglet Myers Funko Pops

Custom Venomized Piglet Funko Pop

Don't leave me alone...

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