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20. March 2019
Read the full article now on Bored Panda
11. March 2019
A page on Instagram featuring everything horror and art
08. March 2019
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14. February 2019
"Where the magic happens" or work, work, work...
11. February 2019
09. February 2019
Join me at Horror Amino About: The largest social network just for Horror fans. Meet others like you and discuss your favorite movies, stories, CreepyPasta, and shows. Share what you make with a huge audience of likeminded people. In this app, you can: - Chat with other fans and make new friends - Vote on your favorite actors, characters, stories, movies etc. with polls - Find and discuss movies, TV shows, stories, and books recommended by a community that knows...
04. February 2019
28. January 2019
The article is now on Bored Panda too.
25. January 2019
I’m a German artist who customizes and transforms toys and collectibles into handmade works of art. Since toy art, sculptures, Funko customs, and other collectibles and creations have been a part of my daily work, I created some different versions of horror themed Piglets. Piglywise, Piglet Voorhees, Piglet Lecter, Piglet Myers and venomized Piglet. Someone recently told me I would have “serious piglet issues”. Now let’s have a look at some of my works to find out…
24. January 2019
Thanks to Bored Panda for publishing my works

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